Personalization Technology

The SessionM platform pulls in data from a vast array of sources and then executes in response to that customer behavior across an equally vast number of channels and technologies. With more than two-hundred engineers, data scientists, and strategists working every day to develop new ways to make even greater impacts, your customers will always feel known and valued, and you’ll always feel a step ahead of the competition.

Artificial Intelligence

Machines are able to calculate various engagement scenarios at speeds that would take an army of PhDs years to compute. Lucky for us, and you, we’ve got both.

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Through Open APIs we’re able to absorb massive quantities of data from disparate sources in social, POS, Customer Care, e-Comm, Geo Location, and many more. All of that data is processed and appended to unique customer profiles stored in the cloud and made accessible to all of those same systems that fed into them. That way, everyone is always in the know.

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Compliance and Regulations

Data privacy is of paramount importance to us. SessionM’s Platform was built thoughtfully, using privacy by design principles. We don’t commingle customer data and we don’t mix in 3rd party data either. It’s your data and we use it for you.

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