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Because of the platform’s modern API-based cloud architecture, CIOs from all over the world are choosing SessionM to enhance their traditional marketing stacks with architecture that will grow with their future needs without introducing lock-in and technical debt.

There are a variety of methods available to integrate data streams with the SessionM platform, covering all potential customer touchpoints. The platform assembles customer data from your disparate systems including in-store activities and purchases, web-based browsing journeys, and mobile app engagements, appending them all to a single record.

POS Adaptor

The POS adapter is a lightweight, cloud-enabled agent that installs on both front-of-store and back-of-store systems. Once installed, menu and SKU items are automatically synced with the cloud, and all ongoing transactions are liberated for use in customer data management, engagement, and loyalty components of the platform.

Ecommerce Adapter

The Ecommerce Adapter processes purchase transactions submitted via the platform’s server-to-server API, and can execute campaign orchestration against that information. The adapter also transmits offer and discount data as part of the transaction processing.


Application Programming Interfaces are provided to enable the ingest of data. These cover data representing customers, catalogs/menus, stores/venues and other data streams or entities. APIs are provided for several different data models.

Technology Integration Partners

Our pre-built connectors provide our customers with seamless integrations to maximize their existing investments.

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