Customer Data Platform (CDP) Buyer’s Guide 2019

SessionM was included in the 2019 edition of CDP Buyers’ Guide. As customer data platforms are becoming increasingly necessary for enterprise marketers, it is also becoming more complex to choose the best fit CDP platform amongst the pool of new and old vendors.

In this 4 part CDP Buyers’ Guide, you can find:

  • Part 1 – The evolving needs of CDM and CDP users, in order to maintain competitive advantage and strengthen customer engagement in today’s omnichannel marketing space. This section ends with the 5 checkpoints for what a CDP should do to meet these requirements.
  • Part 2 & Part 3 – a unique 3-tiered approach to vendor selection that outlines a comprehensive list of features based on your own context, use cases and outcomes.
  • Part 4 – Provides a handy vendor directory with strengths and strategic focus of over 60 CDP vendors, so you can shortlist vendors best suited to your own unique organizational needs.
  • Bonus segment – A list of vendors that specialize in identity resolution technology.

Read the full Buyer’s Guide here.