For Mobile Marketing That Really Works, Just Look to Asia

convertiv Feb 11, 2013

The latest front in the East-West skirmish is in mobile marketing. Once again, the U.S. marketplace finds itself at a perceived disadvantage. So it’s fair to ask the question once again: Are we ever going to catch up to Asia? Indeed, America could be leaving Asia in the rear-view mirror when it comes to mobile ads, as promising mobile purveyors like SessionM, LeadBolt, MoPub, Greystripe and Millennial Media stockpile clients. Additionally, Facebook and Twitter’s iterations can’t be underestimated as brands warm up to social-mobile ads. But could the country that brought the world Jackson Pollock and the Jackson 5 still trail the land of math and science when it comes to mobile creativity? Absolutely, say those who have worked in digital marketing in both regions. The U.S. is still pretty much the bird dog chasing sky-high Asia when it comes to innovation, particularly in mobile commerce, they contend.