SessionM CRO Bill Clifford: Intelligent Assistants Are Creating An ‘Invisible Storefront’

Sam Langrock Jun 14, 2017

Marketers want to engage customers while they’re in the moment looking to make a purchase, whether that’s in-app, online, in a store — or, today, when making a voice inquiry through what SessionM CRO Bill Clifford calls the “invisible storefront” of intelligent assistants like Amazon Alexa or Okay, Google.

“What’s interesting is that if I’m in my house and I just say, ‘Hey Google, order me a pizza,’ it’s really up to Google what they come back with,” Clifford said. “So the platforms have more and more control for operating this invisible storefront that’s driven by an algorithm. Brands need to [figure out] how they’re going to deal with that.”

Following a keynote at Brand Innovators Dallas in May, Clifford talked to GeoMarketingabout handling the proliferation of data points — and why brands must do more to stay top-of-mind in the age of intelligent assistants.