The Marketing Sleuth: Deborah Powsner of SessionM

convertiv Nov 11, 2013

Deborah Powsner is the VP of Consumer Insights at the mobile advertising firm SessionM. Before SessionM, Powsner did research and marketing for Google+. During her time there, the bright 30-year-old co-developed Google’s first e-book on the consumer behavior theory “ZMOT”–the Zero Moment Of Truth. Now Powsner is advising SessionM on mobile consumer behavior. Session M’s advertising style is a far cry from the usual ill-fitting banner ad that chokes up your screen. Instead, it provides brands like The New England Patriots, Honda, and Livestrong with customized mobile advertising plans that are based on a reward system in which mobile users earn points for viewing and engaging with ads. Powsner’s deep understanding of mobile consumer behavior can be translated to anyone working in the mobile realm.