Privacy and Data Protection

Welcome to SessionM’s Data Privacy Page. We are glad you’re here. Our platform was built carefully and thoughtfully with you in mind, using privacy by design principles. Read on to learn how we’re putting privacy at the forefront of our global offerings.

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Data Ethics and Stewardship

It's your data, and we are providing services to you. When it comes to product development, ethics are extremely important to us. We hope you find this page useful when understanding how your data is being used. We are here to help. We encourage you to visit this page and the principles created by our parent company Mastercard.

Our Approach

It’s your data and we use it for you. Privacy Checkpoints are included throughout the product development cycle, through release, marketing and the go-to market plans. All processing activities are undertaken completely as directed by our customers – SessionM does not process personal data for its own purposes.

Helpful Resources

Regulations and Compliance