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From next-generation CRM tools, sophisticated segmentation, in-app messaging, push notifications and real-time dashboards, the SessionM Platform does it all.

SessionM: Ocean of Data, Puddles of Insight

Few marketers suffer from a shortage of data. The problem is making their data actionable. The combination of “always on”…

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The Customer Data Management Playbook for Quick Service Restaurants

Most brands have customer data stored in multiple databases, creating profile fragments that lead to static and inconsistent customer experiences….

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Customer Data Management: Next-Gen Tools for the Hospitality Industry [Infographic]

Companies and brands within the hospitality industry can employ CDPs to allow them to meet challenges head-on – such as a…

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Customer Data Management: Next-Gen Tools for the Retail Industry

Customer data platforms (CDPs), while not widely known, solve a fundamental problem plaguing marketers and consumers alike: the need for…

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Customer Data Management: Next-Gen Tools for the Hospitality Industry

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) offer notable value to any business or industry that has need for more unified, actionable, and…

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Top QSR Loyalty Program Roundup

Brands such as Starbucks with MyStarbucks Rewards, and Chick-Fil-A’s A List “invite only” loyalty programs create a refreshing experience leveraging…

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A Buyer’s Guide to Loyalty Marketing Automation for QSRs

Many of the QSR loyalty programs available to consumers today are undifferentiated and fail to deliver tangible benefits, which causes…

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SessionM Closed Loop Offer Management

Drive customers back with targeted offers delivered across channels, and validate performance with point of sale data.

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2017 and Beyond: A Guide to Loyalty Strategies for an Omnichannel World [Infographic]

Effective loyalty programs – those that drive enrollments and engagements to get people talking – create unique customer experiences, and…

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