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From sophisticated segmentation, in-app messaging, push notifications to real-time dashboards, the SessionM Platform does it all.

The Key to Unlocking Restaurants’ Most Valuable Data

The restaurant industry is ripe for a digital transformation; a lack of clear and concise customer data has prevented many…

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Airlines Solution Brief

For Airlines, simply collecting customer data isn’t enough. Companies need to unify and operationalize all customer data to drive more…

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Loyalty.X: When Customer Experience Matters More Than Points

SessionM and Hathway teamed up to conduct a research study to discover what builds meaningful customer loyalty today. With new,…

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Delivering Unified Customer Experiences for Deeper Loyalty

Find out how SessionM is delivering the world’s most innovative brands with unified customer experiences that deepen customer loyalty.

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Seize Every Mobile Moment in the Customer Journey

Mobile devices are a digital extension of our lives — and the lives of customers who expect brands to deliver…

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Brick-or-Click: How Amazon is Eating Your Margins in the Aisles

The grocery industry is ripe for a digital transformation; the arrival of Amazon compounded with the growth of online grocery…

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