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From sophisticated segmentation, in-app messaging, push notifications to real-time dashboards, the SessionM Platform does it all.

SessionM Overview

A description of how the SessionM platform can help marketers make their data actionable so they can develop more loyal…

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SessionM Retail Story (Infographic)

Discover how SessionM is helping retailers deliver smarter customer interactions with richer customer data! Readers will understand the barriers holding…

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A Year in Review: Customer Engagement Sinners & Winners

What It Is A Year in Review: Customer Engagement Sinners & Winners takes a closer look at specific engagement strategies…

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A Look Ahead 2018: Customer Data and Engagement Trends

Technology and customer data have evolved dramatically in the past couple of years, enabling brands to improve the customer experience…

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How AI Can Transform Customer Engagement

Generic outreach to customers is outdated. Consumers expect more from brands – they want more than simply having their name…

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieve A Dynamic, Single Customer View

Shoppers interact with brands via a number of channels – e-Commerce site, mobile app, storefront – leaving brands with a…

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Case Study | Chicken Salad Chick

Chicken Salad Chick has always had loyal customers. However, as they began to rapidly expand throughout the Southeast, they needed…

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A Buyer’s Guide to Customer Data & Engagement Platforms

There are a number of emerging trends in customer engagement that are changing how brands engage customers that are driven…

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Total Offer Management

A turnkey marketing software solution for the restaurant industry – built from our expertise serving restaurants of all sizes and…

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