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From sophisticated segmentation, in-app messaging, push notifications to real-time dashboards, the SessionM Platform does it all.

SessionM Loyalty as a Behavior

Building brand loyalty is more than a transactional program; it’s the outcome of a rewarding, personalized experience with real-time engagement.

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Brick-and-Click: How Smartphones Are Altering Shopping in the Aisles

Smartphones have simplified many things for shoppers. On-demand delivery apps, shopping list apps and the like take much of the…

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Loyalty Everywhere, Impacts And Influencers In Consumer Decision-Making

We surveyed over 50,000 smartphone users to gain a deeper understanding of how mobile impacts the way consumers shop for…

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Financial Services & Smartphone Trends

As a result of smartphones, customers’ expectations and their definition of convenience have changed. The formerly untouchable and unchanging financial…

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Dollars and (Non)sense: How Smartphones Are Disrupting the Financial Services Industry

Smartphones have dramatically transformed how people — especially millennials — handle their finances. Peer-to-peer payment apps like Venmo, Apple Pay,…

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Retailers, Smartphones & Consumer Decision-Making Trends

We surveyed over 12,000 smartphone users to gain a better understanding of how mobile devices impact consumer shopping habits and…

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Smartphones & Sports Venues

We surveyed over 7,000 members who regularly attend professional sporting events to understand how connectivity has the potential to impact the…

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Mobile Device Trends By Demographics

Check out consumer mobile usage and device trends by age, gender and time. Download the infographic to learn more.  

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Mobile App Habits & Trends

You know the old joke–a man walks into a bar and sees….everyone looking down at their smartphones. Whether it’s a…

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