How to Create Unified Profiles: A Guide for Retailers

White Papers Jan 13, 2023

How to Create Unified Profiles: A Guide for Retailers

Most brands have customer data stored in multiple databases corresponding to each channel and device, creating multiple profile fragments for a single customer. impossible for marketing to keep up with evolving customer needs and preferences, resulting in inconsistent, static communications and generic customer experiences. The customer data ecosystem is evolving to create individual, cross-channel customer profiles that are updated in real time and instantly accessible by any system to enable marketers to react to customer behaviors in a more timely, relevant way.

A customer engagement and loyalty solution, namely an advanced one with CDP capabilities, is designed to enable brands to engage customers at the moment of impact, enhance interactions at the point of sale, award points, currency and other offers at the right time to ultimately drive customer loyalty.

In this guide, we’ll explore how, with the right technology provider, retailers can achieve unified customer profiles in order to deliver better experiences, leading to deeper loyalty and affinity for your brand.


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