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Connectivity at Scale: The Impact of Smartphones at Sports Venues

There are many perks to attending a sporting event–the energy of the crowd, the live action, the chance to showoff that jersey signed by your favorite player… the list goes on.

However, making those memories isn’t always aggravation-free. There’s the traffic, the lines, and–thanks to the 80,000 other fans simultaneously trying to post the view from their sweet seats to social media or check the status of their Fantasy team–the dismally slow smartphone service.

The introduction of free Wi-Fi to arenas and stadiums could change all of that.

In order to gain a better understanding of how connectivity has the potential to impact the in-venue experience for fans in the future, SessionM surveyed over 7,000 members who regularly attend professional sporting events

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  • How fans use their smartphones while at sporting events
  • Fan expectations of their in-game experience
  • Strategies for venues and arenas to leverage the connectivity of smartphones to improve the in-game experience and increase fan loyalty