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It’s a Mobile-Eat-Mobile World: How Smartphones Are Revolutionizing the Customer Journey

It’s no secret to marketers it’s a mobile-first world, but is it becoming a mobile-only world?

Just the way the television changed the 1950s and the PC changed the 1970s, today smartphones have revolutionized our day-to-day experiences.  People connect, learn, shop, eat, navigate — all through a 5”- 6” smartphone.

So what makes smartphones our constant companion and what are people’s preferences when it comes to a mobile-first world?

We surveyed over 4,000 smartphone users to get a better understanding of how smartphones are integral to people’s lives.

Download the study now to learn: 

  • How people are using their smartphones everyday
  • Consumers’ smartphone preferences
  • Opportunities for brands to map their customer’s journey