A Marketer’s Guide to Rebooting Your Loyalty Program

White Papers May 18, 2022

A Marketer's Guide to Rebooting Your Loyalty Program

Your brand has a loyalty program, but is it effectively cultivating loyalty among your customers? Does it make economic sense for your business? Is it going above and beyond your competition’s program? If you’re asking yourself these questions – you’re not alone. Many organizations have existing loyalty programs that simply aren’t driving desired outcomes. The thought of making changes to a loyalty program may sound daunting. What are the right areas to enhance or pull back on? How do you communicate changes to customers? What if they don’t like them?

A Marketer’s Guide to Rebooting Your Loyalty Program will highlight strategies and best practices for your organization to consider if you’re thinking about rebooting your brand’s loyalty program.  We’ll cover how to:

  • Develop your loyalty philosophy
  • Incorporate below the line benefits
  • Train staff to champion your program
  • Prevent backlash from program changes
  • And more!

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