Engagement and Loyalty Platform for Restaurants & QSRs

The world’s most successful restaurants are using the SessionM Platform to drive more frequent visits, higher spend and deeper brand engagement.


Higher purchase frequency among loyalty members


Incremental spend generated per target offer


Incremental revenue generated in a single campaign

Personalized Guest Experiences

SessionM unifies and activates data for highly targeted outreach that is personalized and relevant to each customer. Build compelling messaging and promotional campaigns and deploy them through the optimal channel. Messages can be scheduled or triggered as customers take action, and specific rewards can be included when a customer completes a desired behavior or series of behaviors.

Fresh Data in a Single Customer View
Restaurants have siloed databases across systems and struggle to gather customer data into a single view to enable smarter decisions and targeted campaigns based on behavior. Without an understanding of each individual customer’s preferences, it’s impossible for marketers to execute effective closed loop offers. 
SessionM’s platform gives restaurants the ability to stream in customer data from different sources including POS systems, mobile and web ordering systems, SKU tracking, and in-app ordering to create a singular customer profile that is actionable and based on real-time information. Customer profiles can then be segmented in as many ways as needed, based on attributes. 
Now Serving: Targeted Offers

SessionM’s offer management functionality enables clients to create an impressive amount of offer types, and verify customer eligibility at the point of sale thanks to deep integrations with leading POS Systems. Deploy closed-loop offers along each step of the customer journey to motivate more frequent and larger purchases.

Data-Driven Loyalty

SessionM provides the ability for restaurants to craft highly personalized and gamified loyalty experiences, incentivizing customers to purchase more frequently while gaining valuable information about their behaviors. With powerful tiering functionality, a number of different levels can be created, each with their own unique entrance, behavior and maintenance rules. Give customers a compelling reason to spend their loyalty points with a reward store. Stores can be designed to provide customers with a number of different rewards they can purchase using their points. Reward stores can be customized and populated based on which tier a customer is a member of. 

Restaurant Tailored Offers

Leverage data points like customer behavior, demographics, location & more to serve up offers such as Buy X Get Y, % off or $ off.

Closed Loop Offers

Create single use offer codes that can be awarded to customers through a variety of methods and instantly verified at the point of sale.

Unified Catalog Management

Action off granular SKU level data to decide which items are eligible to be discounted for specific offers, or which items customers can earn points on.

Automatically Trigger Offers

Motivate high value behaviors by setting up a rule or series of rules that customers must complete to be rewarded with an offer.

Configurable Reward Stores

Deploy a digital reward store with a number of offers that can be purchased with loyalty points. Availability of rewards can be dependent on which tier a customer is part of.

Personalized Rewards

Deliver rewards unique to customers based on their purchase history and behavior. Surprise and delight your best customers and avoid blanketing the market with discounts.