Retail Loyalty Solutions

Whether it be online, in-store or on a mobile app, SessionM helps retailers connect the customer journey to ensure a seamless and personalized shopping experience making anonymous guests known, loyal and profitable.


Increase in spend among loyalty members


Increase in purchases of targeted product via email campaign


Increase in incremental revenue generated in a single campaign

Today’s retailers face a unique challenge

In today’s changing loyalty landscape, retailers must focus on creating personalized customer experiences to drive more frequent purchases and incremental spend. SessionM‘s platform provides campaign execution capabilities coupled with comprehensive loyalty management solutions to help drive targeted outreach in real-time to increase engagement and profitability

Unify Retail & eComm MarTech Stacks

One of the biggest problems facing brands today is siloed customer data, which is slow to organize and is not actionable in real time. SessionM collects and unifies customer data from all systems and sources such as POS, eCommerce platforms, third party marketing platforms and more, to create a unified customer profile which can be leveraged across channels. Data is ingested, filtered, and enriched from multiple data streams to power more successful engagements based on customer attributes or behaviors.

Personalized Shopper Experiences

With SessionM’s 360-degree view of each customer, campaigns and content become data-driven, predictive and personalized. Retailers can deliver personalized shopping experiences across any and all touchpoints. Whether in-store or online, associates can quickly view relevant details of each customer, issue offers, provide tailored product recommendations and more, all in real time. 

Perfect-Fit, Targeted Offers

Create and distribute unique offers to each customer, deliver them through their preferred channel, verify eligibility and take the discount right at the in-store point of sale or ecommerce website. Leverage data points like customer behavior, demographics, location & more to serve up offers such as Buy X Get Y, percent discount or free shipping.

Retail Loyalty Management 

SessionM enables retailers to craft highly personalized and gamified loyalty experiences, incentivizing customers to purchase more frequently while gaining valuable information about their behaviors. Provide a host of rewards for completing certain transactional or non-transactional behaviors, and utilize an array of tactics to shorten the gap between purchases.

Understand Customer Lifetime Value & Propensity to Churn

The SessionM platform predicts certain metrics, such as customer lifetime value and risk of churn, and calculates historical metrics like recency, frequency and monetary spend for each customer. 

Real-time, Dynamic Segmentation

Create rich, dynamic audience segments based on a number of customer attributes or behaviors. Activate segments across channels to enable more personalized messaging and promotions.

Personalized Product Recommendations

By tracking purchase behaviors, analyzing customer preferences and correlating relationships between other items within the product catalog, our machine learning algorithm predicts product preferences for each customer.

Automatically Trigger Offers

Motivate high value behaviors and set rules based on a number of actions, such as making three transactions in a month, spending over a certain threshold or purchasing a specified combination of products. 

POS/eComm integration

SessionM has deep integrations with purchase channels, enabling a wide range of transaction details to be mapped back to a customer profile. Offers can be instantly verified and redeemed, and point balances are updated in real time.

Accessible + Actionable Insights  

Gain access to extensive reporting dashboards without tapping into IT resources. Retailers can determine who their best customers are, what channels they purchase through, and a host of other metrics through SessionM’s comprehensive reporting module.