Strategic Services

Our team of dedicated loyalty strategists, campaign specialists and data experts unlock the power of the SessionM Platform by blending a mix of art and science to craft differentiated loyalty strategies to deliver best-in-class customer experiences that drive business value for the world’s leading brands.

The SessionM Approach

The SessionM Strategic Services Team is structured to help you from program design, all the way through to optimization. While we provide end-to-end support, we can also help you with specific goals around design, delivery, and optimization. It all comes down to your goals, and how we can provide expertise to drive program success.

Delivery & Support

SessionM provides experts across each key function to train the team and serve as an ongoing resource within your organization. As we add functionally, we'll make sure you understand how to use it to its fullest potential.

  • Loyalty Program Activation

    Hands-on support for launching a loyalty program, including marcomm strategy, initial campaign strategy, analytics setup, optional pilot testing, and strategic implementation support

  • Loyalty Program Management

    Ongoing management and optimization of a loyalty program, including overall strategy, points and rewards management, campaign strategy, reporting, and analytics

  • Campaign Management

    Coordination, setup, and execution of campaigns on the Sessions platform: gathering creative assets, defining flight dates, targeting, and channel execution

  • Custom Reporting

    Flexible creation of custom reports (in-platform or delivered) to meet specific needs

Optimization & Analytics

Each customer journey is a winding road of engagement. We’ll help you follow the trail and understand what’s working, what needs optimization, and where the greatest source of incrementality is likely to come from.

Campaign Learning & Optimization

Ongoing application of campaign learning & optimization to maximize performance of marketing communications, offers, and other touchpoints experienced by customers

ROI Measurement

Forecasting and/or measurement of ROI to quantify the [potential[ value of personalization and/or a loyalty program while highlighting drivers of value creation

Advanced Analytics

Application of advanced analytics (e.g., behavioral modeling, churn modeling, clustering/segmentation) tailored to a specific need

Analytics Diagnostic

Rapid, data-driven diagnostics to gauge program performance and identify prioritized areas of opportunity for value creation

SessionM University

For a deeper dive into our modules and a more in-depth look at how SessionM uses customer data to create unique and impactful customer engagement, be sure to check out our Product Learning Center, SessionM University. You will need to make an account - signing up is easy and will unlock all of the educational materials.

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  • Customers & Audiences

    Unique solution to Customer Data Management with the primary goal of operationalizing data for orchestration with other systems

  • Loyalty

    SessionM offers a full suite of technology and services to deliver a customized end-to-end loyalty marketing solution

  • Campaigns & Messaging

    Create scheduled or behaviorally triggered campaigns to create a personalized customer journey across any channel


Incremental revenue from loyalty program for QSR client


higher purchase frequency among loyalty members for a retail client


ROI on targeted test and learn campaign for retail clients

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