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Data Management

Our platform couples an understanding of omnichannel customer behavior in real-time with an ability to respond to that behavior across any channel in milliseconds, resulting in happier, more profitable and more loyal consumers.

Data Management

Unify Your Data Silos For a Single View of Each Customer

How It Works

Few marketers suffer from lack of data. The problem is making their data actionable. By streaming in new data as it’s created across any channel and joining it to a single customer profile, marketers always have a complete situational picture to respond to as customers take actions. Smarter, more frequent and more profitable interactions inevitably follow.


  • Customer Profiles

    Real-time, micro-batch and batch data pipelines process and ingest customer data and associated behavioral events from point-of-sale, e-commerce, customer care, website and mobile app platforms into a single profile.

  • Actionable Data

    Data is quickly loaded from various sources and segments are updated in real time to make data operationalized in other systems for omnichannel marketing delivery or analytics system updates. Export that data back into your traditional warehouse for broader usage.

  • Customer Scoring

    Score customers dynamically based on key metrics like Recency, Frequency, Spend, Lifetime Value, Churn Propensity, or product specific tagging in order to create targeted omnichannel experiences, campaigns and offers according to customer index.

  • Purchase Propensity

    Rank each customer's likelihood to buy at the individual SKU or product category level with out-of-the-box data models or by importing existing client-specific ones.

  • Dynamic Segmentation

    Dynamically segment customers according to real-time data feeds of information such as location, purchase history, Lifetime Value or other key markers.

  • Enhanced Analytics

    Tailor your dashboard to surface the data that’s key to your KPIs. Breakdown audience metrics to funnels, cohorts or a single customer view to understand retention rates, lifetime value and other vital metrics and trends.

Top Global QSR Chain

One size fits all loyalty approach too costly and not impactful

Increase in Revenue:

81.2 million stars awarded,
229 million unique offers sent (2016),
1.7 million average target audience size

Problem to solve:

One of the largest quick service restaurants in the US understood the value of loyalty and had a loyalty program in place, but it was costing them too much to operate with a generic, one size fits all approach. All customers, regardless of what they were purchasing with the QSR received the same offers and discounts.

Sports Teams

Engage with fans no matter where they are

SessionM Solution:

SessionM syncs data from different channels and systems to create a single customer view in the cloud that is instantly accessible by any system and allows marketers to take action on fan preferences.

Problem to Solve:

Sports teams and venues are already collecting fan data through social programs, online ordering, mobile wallet payments, the mobile app, and even the POS systems around the venue. However, it often takes hours or days for data to become actionable to trigger real-time, relevant interactions while fans are still in-venue. Connecting with fans who aren’t able to visit your venue in person is critical for revenue but difficult to execute. Sending promotions can be challenging and requires different messaging than fans who attend regularly.

Chicken Salad Chick

Increasing point of sale efficiency and eliminating generic rewards


14% increase in check size
95% increase in number of scans
16% increase in total sales


A large regional fast casual restaurant was having trouble verifying loyalty program customers at point of sale and had a very cumbersome process at the point of sale for employees. They were also giving away rewards to customers who would pay full price normally, since they did not have an accurate way to determine customer behavior. This fast casual restaurant had a basic loyalty program in place, but as they began to rapidly expand throughout the southeast they needed a way to track purchases right at the point of sale with an easier experience, and they needed to find a way to reward loyal customers without losing money.

Top Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Mobile Engagement for Consumer Packaged Goods


4X monthly volume of loyalty-linked purchases
98% of survey-responding members
would recommend this program to a friend


One of the world’s best known consumer packaged goods sold their product primarily through retail vendors, and therefore did not know much about their customers. They had a generic, desktop loyalty program in place; requiring busy parents to save pin codes from diaper packages and manually enter them on the website. Connecting with the busy parent in a mobile friendly and easy to use approach was a priority to understand consumer behavior and connect with their customers.

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