Surveys Overview

The Surveys Module provides a way for you to solicit feedback from your customers and learn more about their preferences and habits. Surveys created through the module can be served to your customers, and the associated responses may be stored in the customer’s profile. Each survey can be configured as a linear or branching experience, customized by the answers each customer provides.

Surveys Dashboard

The Surveys dashboard is the main landing page for all of the surveys you have created within the SessionM Platform.

The Surveys Dashboard.

Within the dashboard, you can see each survey, along with its flight dates and metrics indicating the number of customers who received the survey and completed it, as well as the related completion rate.


To view additional survey details, click on the name of any survey.

View Survey Details

To view the contents and performance of a particular survey, click on the survey name on the Surveys dashboard.

Survey Criteria

The survey detail view presents a view of the survey design, changes that have been made, along with reporting on the progress of the survey during its flight.

The Survey review page. 1) Survey progress bar. 2 Number of completed surveys. 3) Expected responses. 4) Flight dates for the survey. 5) Restrictions for survey delivery. 6) Targeting applied to survey delivery. 7) Summary of survey questions and responses. 8) Change log for the survey.

Within the survey details view, you can examine all of the established criteria pertaining to a survey, including:

Survey Progress – Visual representation of how close the survey responses are to your established goal.

Number of Responses – Count of how many responses the survey has fielded to this point.

Expected Responses – Number of responses the survey aims to gather.

Survey Flight Dates – Established dates the survey will be active.

Delivery Details – Number of times and frequency that the survey can be presented to any individual customer, along with how many times a customer can complete it.

Survey Targeting – Optional targeting (demographic, behavioral, etc.) applied to the survey.

Question/Answer Summary – List of each question in the survey, along with all of the gathered responses.

Survey Change Log – Record of changes made to the survey over time.

Create a New Survey

To create a new survey, navigate to the module’s dashboard page and click the Create Survey button. You are then taken to the survey creation workflow.

Basic Survey Setup

To begin survey setup, name the survey in the Setup tab. Optionally, you may set a permalink that helps identify the survey in any API responses from the SessionM Platform. Then set the number of desired responses; the survey is delivered to all eligible customers until it has been completed the specified number of times.

The first step in creating a survey is the setup screen.

You may also optionally set an impression cap, which limits the number of times the survey is shown to any individual customer. Next, choose the survey flight dates, and add any additional notes you want to keep track of for later.

Create Survey Content

Once basic survey setup is complete, you may start building survey content.

Define the following criteria within the Create tab:

Welcome & Thank You Pages – Select whether you would like to include a welcome page, thank you page or both. If selected, upload an image to use for each page, along with the page title that is displayed when the customer reaches that point of the survey. You may also specify a custom color scheme to match your other creative assets.

The Welcome and Thank You pages are optional for a survey.

Survey Questions – Next, begin writing your first survey question. You may choose from the following question types:

  • Single Answer – Customer may select only one answer from a defined list of options. Answer option order may be fixed, randomized or a mix of the two.
  • Multiple Answer – Customer may select one or more answers from a defined list of options. You may configure the question so that if the customer selects one specific answer, other answers become disabled. Answer option order may be fixed, randomized or a mix of the two.
  • Slider – Customer may select a value along a slider. Minimum and maximum values can be configured, along with the left, center and right labels to indicate positive/negative sentiment or some other meaning.
  • Open Field Question – Customer may type a response into an open text field. You can configure a character limit to restrict response length.
  • Star Rating – Customer may select a star rating from 1-5.

You can choose from five different question types for your survey.

While building questions, you can also configure tags that can be applied to any customer profile based on a specific response.


Tags can be used to build audiences of tagged customers or target them for future campaigns.

After configuring each of your questions, you can then choose whether you want to show the customer the survey results after they have completed it.

Configure Survey Logic

Once you have written the survey questions, you can then apply sequential logic to the survey by navigating to the Logic tab of the workflow.

Applying survey logic allows you to control the path a customers follows in the survey.

By default, each question in the survey is served in order. You may, however, adjust the order of questions or skip certain questions based on customer responses. This is useful when asking the customer to elaborate on a previous answer in specific circumstances or skipping to the end of the survey based on a certain response.

Apply Targeting

When creating a survey, you can apply optional targeting to a survey that restricts which customers are eligible to receive it.

You can choose an existing targeting segment for your survey or create your own.

You may either select an existing audience or choose the attributes to target from the available list on the Targeting tab.

Review Survey

Once you are finished setting up your survey, you can review your work by navigating to the Review tab.

You have an opportunity to review your survey before you save it.

When you are satisfied, click the Save button to finish creating the survey.

Deploy a Survey in a Campaign

In addition to showing the survey directly to customers, you can also invite customers to take the survey by messaging them within the context of a campaign.

In order to do that, navigate to the Campaigns Module and select either the “Messaging” or “Promotion” campaign type, depending on your needs.

Create and configure a new activity feed message. On the Setup tab, you can choose to either display the activity feed message for a specific period of time or trigger its visibility for a particular customer based on a completed behavior.

Surveys can be delivered to customers from a campaign, such as an Activity Feed message.

On the Creative tab, in the Action field, select “Open Survey.” When saved, this selection ensures that any customer who sees and clicks on this particular unit is redirected to the page for taking the survey.

Choose “open survey” from the available dropdown on the campaign Creative tab to serve your survey.