Engagement & Loyalty

The SessionM SaaS Platform makes every engagement between our clients and their customers real-time, personalized and purposeful.

Engagement & Loyalty

We believe consumers reward businesses with loyalty when businesses reward consumers with personalized engagement. 


The SessionM Platform takes in real-time data from disparate sources, dynamically updates customer profiles, applies a rules-based decision engine, and takes the best omnichannel action in just milliseconds.

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Audience Management

Audience Management
To deliver real-time, personalized experiences that customers have grown to expect, marketers need a single, omnichannel profile that is real-time, accessible and actionable to set up trigger-based marketing and timely, personalized campaigns.
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Organize Omnichannel Data

Aggregate both real-time and batched first-party data across multiple systems (point-of-sale, desktop, mobile, customer service and social applications) to build a database of singular profiles for each customer.


Access a dashboard of real-time analytics of your audience behaviors and engagements. View how often individual customers are engaging across properties or analyze experience and interaction results by audience segments.


Gather actionable customer data from online and offline source as customers take actions so you're able to make real-time decisions and trigger personalized, relevant marketing campaigns.

Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Identify Key Behaviors

Our technology streams and gathers customer data and events from multiple sources. You can then set rules against these events for real-time, personalized customer engagement at the moments of impact.

Trigger-Based Marketing

Set up logical, multi-step operations to trigger contextual, personalized and real-time, omnichannel campaigns based off of attributes, time or frequency.

Dynamic Optimization

By tracking purchase behaviors, analyzing customer preferences and correlating relationships between products, our machine learning algorithm predicts product preferences for each customer. Combined with other customer-specific information such as activity and message engagement, our platform populates the next-best action to deliver a unique customer journey.

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Omnichannel Marketing Automation
Rules-based workflows trigger personalized messages and engagements to specific customer segments or an individual customer.

Loyalty Management

Status & Tiering

Define key milestones, spend thresholds and behaviors to reward customers based on their activity. Motivate high value behaviors and deepen engagement by rewarding customers with different point multipliers or specific rewards as they move up tiers.

Points Engine

Natively integrate a single point solution across mobile apps or websites to create a seamless experience. Link points and awards to predefined behaviors like purchase recognition or usage frequency, or non-transactional earning opportunities like birthdays, app launches or program enrollment.

Rewards and Offers

Deliver attainable, meaningful and hyper-relevant content and offers to customers as they take actions. Manage a customized rewards redemption catalog by reward type, such as electronic gift cards, promotional codes, physical merchandise, contest entries and charitable donations.

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Loyalty Management
Loyalty isn’t just about retaining customers and decreasing churn — it’s about creating a two-way relationship with your customers. SessionM offers a full suite of technology and services to deliver a customized end-to-end loyalty marketing solution.

What Our Clients are Saying

We are a high-frequency retailer. A meaningful number of intercepts are just unfeasible with our scale. The SessionM platform not only provides scale with tremendous speed, but because it’s mobile, it engages the customer on-premise where we can get much fresher and more actionable insights.

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