Engagement & Loyalty

The SessionM SaaS Platform makes every engagement between our clients and their customers real-time, personalized and purposeful.

Engagement & Loyalty

We believe consumers reward businesses with loyalty when businesses reward consumers with personalized engagement. 

The SessionM Platform takes in real-time data from disparate sources, dynamically updates customer profiles, applies a rules-based decision engine, and takes the best omnichannel action in just milliseconds.

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Audience Management

Audience Management
The SessionM Platform captures unique identifiers as they happen to build a database of your customers.
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Account Service

Using the Oauth2 and SAML protocols, deploy one unifying account service across all of your customer touchpoints. Create accounts and authenticate them via email addresses, SMS verification or social logins. Interconnect accounts with existing third-party systems including legacy CRM platforms and datastore.

Dynamic Profiles

Gather real-time, first-party data about your customers across multiple touchpoints to build a database of dynamic profiles. The SessionM Platform creates a unique identifier that can integrate with any partner ecosystems to store any number of additional identifiers for each individual customer.

Audience Analytics and Reporting

Access a dashboard of real-time analytics of your audience behaviors and engagements. View how often individual customers are engaging across properties or analyze experience and interaction results by audience segments.

Real-time Rules Engine

Identify Key Behaviors

Our platform's real-time rules engine listens for all customer events from multiple sources. You can then set rules against these events for real-time, personalized customer engagement at the moments of impact.

Trigger-Based Marketing

Rules can be set against general behaviors like opening an email, locational triggers like checking into a store or transactional data like a specific SKU purchase. For example, you can send a push notification after a customer purchases a particular SKU. Triggers can also include length of time or frequency. For example, you can monitor purchasing patterns and trigger a message or an award if your customer makes a certain number of purchases in a week or if they have been inactive for a month.

Behavior Analytics and Reporting

Having easy to understand metrics is critical to aid in promoting customer engagement and driving specific behaviors. Reports provide key performance indicators that track what customers are doing across a broad spectrum of participating properties, including mobile apps, mobile websites, traditional desktop websites, e-commerce systems, and point-of-sale terminals.

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Real-time Rules Engine
The SessionM Platform's real-time rules engine is always-on, gathering data around behaviors, transactions, location, time and frequency. Marketers can set up rules around this data to trigger responses to actions as they happen.

Campaigns & Messaging

Push Notification & In-app Messaging

Deliver personalized push notifications or in-app messaging based on real-time behavioral triggers, audience segments or planned marketing campaigns. Messages can be launched immediately, scheduled based on local time or dayparted.

A/B Testing & Optimization

Make better decisions, faster. Compare variations of marketing content to see what resonates with your customer base at a glance or drill down on a specific audience segment or a single conversion rate to make smarter decisions in real-time.

Campaign Analytics and Reporting

Access a dashboard to view real-time, specific campaign metrics for results-based, closed-loop optimization of marketing outreach. Gain richer, deeper trends of your customers’ behaviors in real time.

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Campaigns & Messaging
Rules-based workflows trigger personalized messages and engagements to specific customer segments or an individual customer.

Loyalty Management

Status & Tiering

Define key milestones and behaviors to reward customers and unlock new program features, keeping their engagement for the long-term and expanding their loyalty.

Points Engine

For your loyalty-based rewards system, use the SessionM Platform to allow your customers to earn points or currency. You can link awards to a defined behavior like purchase recognition or usage frequency.

Loyalty Analytics and Reporting

Access a dashboard to view audience composition, website or app interaction data, retention and churn metrics and relevant key performance indicators specific to your loyalty program.

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Loyalty Management
There is a growing consumer appetite for mobile-first experiences. The convergence of mobile, local and social networking capabilities is providing a new paradigm for program creativity and customer engagement approaches.

What Our Clients are Saying

We are a high-frequency retailer. A meaningful number of intercepts are just unfeasible with our scale. The SessionM platform not only provides scale with tremendous speed, but because it’s mobile, it engages the customer on-premise where we can get much fresher and more actionable insights.

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