Loyalty & Engagement

Our Mobile Marketing Cloud is a SaaS-based platform integrating mobile marketing automation with personalization and data management to act in real-time at the moment of impact.

Loyalty & Engagement

SessionM’s Mobile Marketing Cloud is a SaaS-based platform available as a whole or by the individual module. We integrate mobile marketing automation with personalization and data management - giving your brand a single view of your customer and all the tools to act in real-time at the moment of impact.

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Audience Management

Audience Management
Customer detail pages make it easy to access key data, including basic information, engagement history and any applicable award economies.
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Account Creation & Profile Management

Our platform has the ability to interconnect accounts with existing third-party systems including CRM databases, email sending platforms, and advertising data management platforms. We’ll manage account creation and authentication via email addresses or Facebook Connect, creating The Single View.


Combine individual audience profiles into segments by assigning meta-data attributes such as age, gender, location, as well as transaction and interaction history. Send targeted outreach and campaigns to custom segments and view reporting instantly.

Customer Service

The platform is simple and intuitive. We even create a branded help desk with FAQs. But if you need any help setting things up, an experienced member of the team will get you going in no time.

Marketing Automation

Behavior & Rules

Define the high value behaviors important to your business. Then lead customers to those activities with automated decisioning to trigger responsive engagement in the form of offers, alerts, push notifications, points, emails and more. Track individual or segment progress in real-time.

Campaigns & Messaging

Select a campaign type, define targeting and scheduling launch parameters or publish instantly. You can view campaign performance metrics in real-time. Messaging and campaigns support includes push notifications, SMS, in-app messaging, email, surveys, HD video, and location-based check-ins.

Location & Beacon Support

Make your app location aware with a database of millions of locations like restaurants, retailers, hotels, and more. Send push notifications to reach the customer in real-time, at the right time.

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Marketing Automation
Apply rules and real-time decisioning to trigger responsive engagement like push notifications, points rewards or geo-based offers.

Motivate & Reward

Purchase Recognition

We can ingest and configure purchase feeds and SKU hierarchy for automatic purchase recognition and campaigns targeted to an individual SKU. Purchase or return events can trigger real-time communications of personalized offers, user state changes and/or other communications such as satisfaction surveys.

Rewards Management & Storefront

Our team manages a customized rewards redemption catalog including e-Gift cards, promo codes, physical merchandise, contest entries and charitable donations. We can integrate pre-existing and newly curated rewards including all warehousing and delivery.

Points & Status

Easily define and manage a point-based loyalty economy or status and tiering. Create a new, integrate into an existing point system, or implement SessionM’s currency.

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Motivate & Reward
Lead the customer from one high-value behavior to the next with well-timed, device appropriate engagement.

Insights & Analytics


View your audience composition, site/app interaction data, campaign performance data, retention/churn metrics, and all relevant loyalty program KPIs.


Build and publish surveys to target audience segments and view results in real-time for actionable insights. You can choose from multiple survey templates including single or multiple response questions, slider or star rating scale.

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Insights & Analytics
Gain a holistic view of your customers and their response to your campaigns across channels.

What Out Clients are Saying

We are a high-frequency retailer. A meaningful number of intercepts are just unfeasible with our scale. The SessionM platform not only provides scale with tremendous speed, but because it’s mobile, it engages the customer on-premise where we can get much fresher and more actionable insights.

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