Success Stories

From next-generation loyalty capabilities, sophisticated segmentation, in-app messaging, push notifications and real-time dashboards, the SessionM Mobile Marketing Cloud does it all.

Engagement Through Personalization

The Big Win: CRM Driving Retention

A wireless provider uses real-time, contextual "surprise and delight" rewards to elevate above the parity of handset discounts. The client uses the SessionM platform to reward customers for what they do naturally with their devices every day — from tracking runs to playing games to checking the weather. Rewards led to registration. Registration led to real segmentation. Segmentation led to personalized messaging and timely rewards. Combining them all, using rewards as a means, not an end, led to category leading brand affinity, decreased churn and increased Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

Create a “stickier” relationship through customized benefits.

Unmasking the Anonymous Consumer

The Big Win: Unifying The Customer Record

A global Consumer Electronics company needed a solution for customer recognition across product lines and multiple points of retail. It had several million email addresses in aggregate, but could not connect them together across multiple product lines or retail channels. In exchange for registration in the program, customers receive personalized product setup, prioritized service, and "Members Only" access to events. Through our platform, the company was able to put the consumer in the middle of their campaigns, not product. By managing IDs across devices and channels, the company could then score consumers based on loyalty and LTV. Through integration with the client CMS, the client was able to not only deliver appropriate offers based on holistic purchase history, but also use the platform to deliver more aware customer service interactions.

Move with the customer from channel to channel, both online and offline.

Education Between Purchases

The Big Win: Motivation At The Moment Of Impact

A leading drug manufacturer switched from a prescription-based model to over-the-counter. Newly consumer-facing, it had no CRM database, no consumer data, and no personal relationship with their millions of users. The product was seasonal and variable depending on geography. Using the platform to survey their customers on specific symptoms and seasonality, they created a heat map of where allergy sufferers were in real-time and sent customized mobile engagements directing each customer to the nearest point of retail with an offer, capturing email and other first-party data in the process. The client then rewarded users for purchase using our Receipt Capture technology. Between purchases, the client delivered relevant educational campaigns tailored to the specific user’s profile.

  • 500,000 Registrations

Leverage first-party data to ease pain points and deliver customized solutions.

Playing Offense and Defense

The Big Win: Build Loyalty. Thwart Competition.

A large Consumer Packaged Goods company utilizes the platform to build loyalty and negate stepped-up competition, linking Retail Loyalty Cards, receipt capture, mobile and web loyalty into one comprehensive solution. The client uses the platform to lead the customer from one high value behavior to the next along the continuum from newborn, to infant, to toddler and so on. At the same time as they’re using the platform to increase revenue, the client is also defending against the competition as each life-stage introduces a new series of competitors. Because the program was omnichannel in nature, the client was able to build up significant first-party data to thread purchase behavior together into a single attribution model.

Mix education with offers to drive frequency of engagement and lifetime customer value.

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